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Blog Running – ‘Debate over dead woman is clarifying moment in prez race’


We can’t see the forest because of the trees.

Or some of us don’t want to look or know.

I posted the ad here and while I disagree with the lying from Priorities USA – I stand with the intent.

This Country is about people. And corporations are NOT people.

Should Government be forced aside so that private industry can ‘grow’? And if you think that private industries ‘mission’ will be ANYTHING other then making a profit – then you haven’t worked in privatre industry and live in a fantasy World.

Or should Government BE the buffer between private industry and people? Private industry CAN grow but NOT at the expense of the ‘general welfare’.

But Steve Sargent says it better…………………..

‘Priorities USA Action has released a widely discussed ad that implies Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is to blame for the death of a laid off steelworker’s wife’.

‘The ad doesn’t quite say outright that Romney is to blame for her death. It’s meant to dramatize that decisions like the one made by Bain have long term consequences and devastate real people and communities. But the ad could have been a bit more specific in recounting what happened with her illness — and it does imply that she died partly because of Bain, which, again, is unsupportable at best’.

‘Today, however, the Romney camp responded to the ad in a way that makes this whole dust-up an important clarifying moment. Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul suggested today that Soptic’s wife would have had health insurance if she had lived in Massachusetts and had been covered by Romneycare’.

‘The larger story here is this: Even if this ad makes unsupportable charges — and even if you think there’s nothing objectionable about Bain’s conduct — the ad dramatizes a larger story about what has happened to the middle class in this country. There is a straightforward difference of opinion between the two candidates over how to respond to this — over the degree to which the federal government should intervene to protect people like Ms. Soptic. Obama believes in aggressive federal action to cushion the blow of market outcomes like the one that hit families like the Soptics with such force. Romney — even though his campaign has now said universal health care is the right answer in cases like hers — is promising to roll back government protections for families like theirs. Whatever you think of the ad, that’s the more important larger argument to be having here — and it has been clarified this week’.
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