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Washington State Primaries

Washington State is a ‘blue’ State with isolated ‘red’ districts. I live in one. The 5th District.

The Senate race was no surprise. And by the time Cantwell debates Baumgartner and hammers him with lack of experience and using his less then 2 years as State Senator as a personal stepping stone to higher office (after he claimed he wasn’t going to), this will be a 2-1 or better for Cantwell.

Governor’s race. Kind of a surprise. Both are moderates but Republican McKenna, like Mitt Romney has been running for Governor, well……….. for all his life. So losing in the primary by 3% is BIG.

US 5th. In 2010 McMorris-Rodgers won easily :
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) 167,791 – 63.70%
Daryl Romeyn (D) 95,632 – 36.30%
But now she has been campaigning heavily with this result :
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Prefers Republican Party) 54,673 – 53.99%
Rich Cowan (Prefers Democratic Party) 35,350 – 34.91%

So I think she’ll win again ( this is a very ‘red’ District, but a lot closer considering Cowan hasn’t even been campaigning.
For that alone I’m going to stick this is the ‘Races To Watch’.

Washington State US Senate
Maria Cantwell (Prefers Democratic Party) 445,161 – 55.77%
Michael Baumgartner (Prefers Republican Party) 241,350 – 30.24%

Washington State Governor
Jay Inslee (Prefers Democratic Party) 378,751 – 46.77%
Rob McKenna (Prefers Republican Party) 347,656 – 42.93%
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