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What is Mitt Romney Hiding? – ‘Reid: Romney issue ‘nothing to do with me’

George Romney after releasing 12 years of tax returns  : “One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.”
From :–his-dad/2012/07/11/gJQAMLy3cW_blog.html

This is the difference between someone who HAS a strong character (Reid) and someone who is weak (Romney).

Ann Romney :
“We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life,” she added later’.
From :

Mitt Romney :
‘MITT ROMNEY: I’m NOT Releasing Any More Tax Returns’
From :

Mitt Romney :
‘Romney demanded past opponents to release tax returns’
From :

Seante Majority Harry Reid :
“No one should feel sorry for me,” Reid said in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon during a preview of a clean energy summit he’s hosting there Tuesday, even as his incendiary remarks about Romney have turned the GOP magnifying glass onto himself’.

“The issue that I raised has nothing to do with me,” Reid told reporters. “It has everything to do with the first presidential candidate in more than 30 years who refuses to show the American people his income tax returns.”
From :

“This whole controversy would end very quickly if he would release his income tax returns like everybody else has done that’s running for president,” Reid said’.
From :

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