The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

I’m still trying to decide if Chief Justice Roberts followed the ‘law’ or was hoping for a reaction by the Conservatives that would be seen a intelligent and rational.
As long as the Administration and Democrats EXPLAIN the ACA, this vote and Robert’s ‘leadership’ in writing for the majority, may well decide the election for President Obama.
After all it leaves Romney running against the very legislation he is known for as Governor.
But I love this cartoon!


Another gem from David Horsey at the LA Times.




Word had barely come down that the Supreme Court majority was upholding the Affordable Care Act when incensed conservatives began printing up “Impeach John Roberts” T-shirts and a hacker had altered the chief justice’s title on his Wikipedia page to “Chief Traitor of the United States.”

On a freshly minted “Impeach John Roberts” Facebook page, one tea party “patriot” wrote, “Welcome to fascism. Thanks to this horrible decision from the 4 liberal justices and John Roberts there is zero limit to what the government can force us to do.”

Outside of the perpetually alarmed right wing loony bin, however, Roberts was receiving praise for acting as the fair umpire he promised to be when he was confirmed by theSenate. Of all the major players with much to…

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