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Running away from ‘Paying It Forward’ – ‘US citizens leaving the country to avoid stiff tax bills’

‘America’s rich are renouncing their citizenship at record levels — just to get richer’.

‘Startling new data from Uncle Sam show that defections by Americans are expected to double this year, largely to avoid any stiff tax bills resulting from the proposed 55 percent hike on the rich — as well as the likely expiration on Dec. 31 of the Bush era tax cuts’.

‘As many as 8,000 US citizens are projected by immigration officials to renounce in 2012, or about 154 a week, versus 3,805 in 2011, or about 73 per week’.

“High-net-worth individuals are making decisions that having a US passport just isn’t worth the cost anymore,” said Jim Duggan, a lawyer at Duggan Bertsch, which specializes in protecting assets of the wealthy’.

“They’re able to do what they do from any place in the world, and they’re choosing to do it from places with much lower tax rates,” he said’.
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8 thoughts on “Running away from ‘Paying It Forward’ – ‘US citizens leaving the country to avoid stiff tax bills’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    And I bet they’re going to countries with national health care, another expense they won’t have to deal with. If they are that shallow, that greedy, that self-focused, then they should move on. There is already too much self-serving greed in this country.

    • I’ve been listening very closely but I haven’t heard any teabaggers shouting ‘Don’t tax the rich’! (GRINS!)

    • All of those helpers were paid for their help. Free exchange, they did not contribute more and are not due more.

      All rich Americans should leave today and form a new America, a nation without freeloaders. Why should anyone care about freeloaders? No one has an intelligent answer to this question.

      • Barneysday on said:

        Let ’em go. fine with me. If you or they believe they achieved whatever they got completely on their own, without any other contributions, then please, feel free to leave and start the United Fiefdoms of Rich People. They all deserve each other.

      • Unfortunately the ‘rich’ won’t leave. They have it very good here in America.
        They are supported both physically and by income extraction by us, the ‘little people’.
        Without us, the ‘rich’ wouldn’t be able to enjoy being ‘rich’ nor would they be ‘rich’ for long.
        I would like to see where if someone denounces their citizenship that they are not allowed physically into this Country for 5 years.

      • There is no ‘intelligent’ answer because it’s stupid question not based on any actual facts.
        Define ‘freeloaders’.
        Is that a single mother working one or two jobs trying to make ends meet and getting assistance for food, housing, utilities?
        Or maybe a ‘freeloader’ is the family where one of the parents lost their job because it was ‘outsourced’.
        A Country, unlike your fantasy ‘country’, is made up of the entire spectrum. From the very wealthy to the very poor.
        It’s future is based on how ALL the citizens do. Not just a selected few.
        A question.
        In your ‘new’ America for, of and by the rich, who is going to mow the lawns, pick up the garbage, harvest crops……………………’
        The ‘rich’?

    • Someone mad because no one gave him anything. Whine and cry, little brat.

      • When someone presents you with a reasonable argument and all you do is call them names and use childish phrases, it tells us more about you then them.
        Sadly you are the ‘picture’ of the modern Republican Party.

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