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Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

‘Obama is winning the debate over taxes. Will it matter’?

My guess is it not only will………………but IS having an effect : ’55 percent, view Romney as more out of touch with average Americans compared with 36 percent who say the president is more out of touch’.
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It has taken a couple of months, but it is slowly sinking in (so no more Face The Nation or ANY media EXCEPT FOX) that Mitt Romney just isn’t going to answer questions.

While it ‘is the economy stupid’, it’s also don’t make Americans look stupid by not trusting us and answering even the simplest of questions.

‘The larger context, though, is important. Romney isn’t simply proposing to make the Bush tax cuts permanent; he’s also proposing an additional across-the-board tax cut on top of extending the Bush tax cuts that would disproportionately benefit the wealthy’.

‘A recent study found that under Romney’s tax proposals, 67 percent of the tax cut would go to those over $200,000’.
See : ‘In other words, it is just part of Romney’s tax cut because he has not specified what tax breaks he would eliminate or trim in order to meet the goals he outlined on his Web site’.
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‘Romney knows that cutting taxes for the rich further isn’t at all popular. So he has been saying that his plan wouldn’t reduce the share of the tax burden the rich pay’.

‘The only problem, of course, is that he won’t specify what those deductions and loopholes are, and says he sees no need to do so for the duration of the campaign’.
See : ‘Romney: No need to detail how I’ll pay for massive tax cuts. Just trust me’.
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‘This may all turn on how convincingly Obama can make the case that the money to pay for Romney’s tax cuts for the wealthy could come out of programs that Americans like and rely on’.

‘This is an argument that swing voters are receptive to. As that recent Democracy Corps focus grouping found, non-college whites in particularly are receptive to a message about taxes and entitlements, and “clearly fear that Mitt Romney and the Republicans will cut things that matter to them because they are not willing to raise taxes on the rich.”
See : ‘I think there’s a certain level when you get so high up the business where you’re making so much money that you don’t need where you just lose some of your humanity and you just don’t care. (Non-college-educated woman, Columbus, OH)’
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‘Romney won’t say how his tax cuts for the wealthy would be paid for’.

‘Or what revenues the rich will be asked to pony up in order to offset their disproportionate gains under his plan’.

‘He won’t share those details for the duration of the campaign’.

‘A good deal of this will turn on whether the press lets Romney’s lack of specificity continue to skate’.
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