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‘Joe The Plumber: Gun Control Caused The Holocaust’

There are some things that are just so stupid, words fail……………..

‘Samuel Wurzelbacher, famously known as ‘Joe The Plumber,’ is running for Congress this year on a platform of party-line Republican reforms, including gun control. But while it’s only natural that he would make a campaign advertisement around the issue, the tack he took is rather unusual — Wurzelbacher has a new advertisement in which he says that gun control laws are responsible for the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust of the Jews. What’s more, he explains the theory while loading his gun and shooting fruits and vegetables’.


‘Hunter Walker at the New York Observer reached out to Wurzelbacher’s spokesperson, who only worsened the comparisons, comparing gun control to slavery as well’:

‘Phil Christofanelli [said] “there’s nothing offensive” about the video and discussed how gun control may have led to slavery in the United States too…. “Well, blacks weren’t allowed to own guns in the south, that’s a historical fact as well,” said Mr. Christofanelli. “So, it would seem that the argument would apply there as well.”
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5 thoughts on “‘Joe The Plumber: Gun Control Caused The Holocaust’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    But then, consider the nut case standing next to him. I think he’s more like plumbers helper.

  2. It looks like Joe the Plumber gets all his historical facts from Infowars. Pathetic sack of crap.

    • He is a ‘sack of crap’ that is getting HUGE amounts of money from OUTSIDE Ohio that may elect him.

      • Gotta love American politics. Any deadbeat jerk can be elected as long as they have BS like Citizens United to pump money into their campaigns.

      • While it doesn’t help now, look after this election for a surge to get ‘undisclosed’ money out of politics.
        I don’t think the Supreme Court will overturn Cit. Un. v. FEC but will amend it to disclose say over $10,000.
        It’s too little too late as money and not just this latest surge, has destroyed America.

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