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Mitt Romney Lies #16 – “(Obama) is not responsible for whatever improvement we might be seeing”

“Instead he is responsible for the fact that it’s taken so long to see this recovery and the recovery is so tepid.”
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‘The data are straightforward. Barack Obama entered office in 2009 as the Bush recession was in full swing.
See : ‘Republicans Ask Americans to Remember Bush’s Economic Disaster
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‘GDP had plummeted by a shocking 8.9 percent the previous quarter. 820,000 jobs were lost in January 2009 alone; all told 2.2 million evaporated in the three months before Obama’s stimulus was passed in February. (That might explain why even three years after he left office, Americans still blame George W. Bush’
See : ‘Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama for Bad Economy’
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‘for the economic calamity he bequeathed to Barack Obama.) Now, even with the difficult recovery, the U.S. has produced 27 months of private sector job gains’
See : ‘CHART: Bush Vs. Obama On Private And Public Sector Job Creation
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‘and a return to economic growth. And despite Romney’s charge that President Obama’s are “the most anti-investment, anti-business, anti-jobs series of polices in modern American history,” the Dow Jones has jumped by 56 percent since January 20, 2009. Corporate profits are at record highs even as firms’ tax burden continues to drop’.

‘Nevertheless, Governor Romney told a Missouri audience last week that that the President “slowed the recovery and harmed our economy,” a result Romney insisted constituted “a moral failure of tragic proportions.” Sadly for his campaign’s mythmaking, just 24 hours earlier, the director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office blew the Romney’s bogus claim out of the water’.
See : ‘Congressional Budget Office defends stimulus’
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