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Mitt Romney Lies #9 -‘Mitt Romney demands President Obama’s jobs plan. Apparently, he forgot the one Republicans blocked’

Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies. Or is he just stupid? Or does he think WE are that stupid?

Doing my very best Captain Jack Sparrow – ‘WHAT?!’


Mitt Romney – “[W]ith America in crisis, with 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work, he hasn’t put forth a plan to get us working again,” Romney said Tuesday. “Now I know we’re getting close to an election so he’ll come out with one soon, but three and a half years later, we’re waiting.”
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Oct 12, 2011
‘Republicans block American Jobs Act’
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6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Lies #9 -‘Mitt Romney demands President Obama’s jobs plan. Apparently, he forgot the one Republicans blocked’

  1. Just saw a segment on this exact information tonight on Ed Schultz’s show. Problem is, the people who need to hear this information and have their memories refreshed don’t watch Ed Schultz and they don’t read your blog (or mine). Who will go out there and get this info in front of those people? Is it even possible?

    • I think it would be possible IF we had a press that still made journalistic integrity their purpose rather then profits.
      But we don’t.
      No major news outlet has or is challenging Romney over the hundreds of false statements he has made.
      And on the other end, FOX is broadcasting them 24 hours a day as the truth.
      Romney won’t and as he raises in the polls, shouldn’t sit down and be interviewed by any impartial journalist. Someone to actually follow up on what he says.
      Why be held accountable with what you say when not being held accountable is making you more popular?
      The debates may offer an opportunity for President Obama to say – ‘Wait. That is wrong’.
      Now the question is will President Obama challenge him.
      Somebody better.

      • Agree 100% with everything you said. Journalism today is a exercise in sound-bite harvesting and sensationalism, but here we have a guy whose bald-faced lying really IS sensational news and yet they choose not to take it on. I am also hopeful that the debates will help combat the crap that’s being spewed by Romney’s camp, but in the meantime he’s out there lying with total impunity and it’s very frustrating to watch it happen.

      • Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it.
        Maddow, Matthews, Hayes and Schultz to a great job on this but outside of MSNBC?
        You’ve heard about the AP story exposing Romney’s ‘longing to serve in Vietnam’ I’m sure.
        I’ve got a post coming up on it.
        Yet I just Googled it and Salon, HuffPo and Think Progress were the only ones popping up.

      • I did see the Vietnam piece and I am looking forward to your post. I’m personally not that amazed that you aren’t seeing it outside of a few sites – seems par for the course – but I am disgusted.

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