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An open letter to President Obama

Mr. President,

I respectively beg you to get involved. Now. Americans have a 30 second attention span. They can’t and worse won’t make the effort to actully discover the facts behind Mitt Romney’s misinformation, disinformation and lies.

And the press won’t because it takes too long to explain and that ‘too long’ loses the attention of their viewers.

Because of your and the Party’s failure to take the fight to Wisconsin, the tide has turned.

We Mr. President, America, need you to be the President we had last September. Engaged. Forceful. Dynamic. Message driven.

Shake off Wisconsin. Don’t return to the President we had for the first 2 1/2 years of your term. Aloof. Remote. Giving a speech and then returning to the Residence to read another boook about another President.

Be a President that we know you can be. Be a President that others will write books about.

Don’t expect us to follow.

Lead us!

Use your voice, your ideas, YOUR ‘bully pulpit’, Air Force One and the press to actively promote your message. The alternative of two Americas.

Your vision and the consequences of austerity the Conservatives will impose.

Begin every event with handing out ‘fact sheets’ of Mitt Romney’s top 25 misinformation, disinformation and lies. Refine these down to as short of a paper ‘sound bite’ as you can. Also hand out the top 25 pieces of legislation the House has passed that would raise taxes on the poor or cut services to the poor and elderly while cutting taxes to the wealthy or NOT cutting subsides or closing tax loopholes to profit fat corporations. And hand out the third ‘fact sheet’ with the Republican Senate’s filibuster record.

Then, in your speech, ignore Mitt Romney and run against the obstructive Republican Congress that’s blocking your vision, your proposals.

Mitt Romney is running a campaign of attack and then run and hide, diverting the attention from what he said if confronted. He is a moving target that you will never pin him down to be held accountable for his words.

Don’t even try.

Mitt Romney is only blaming. He is NOT proposing any vision.

Run against the obstructive, do-nothing Congress.

They can’t run and hide or deny the legislation they write.

Run against them.

Force Romney by default in the media, to defend what would be ‘his’ Republican Congress record on legislation.

Leave the one on one confrontation with Mitt Romney to VP Biden, former President Clinton, Mayor Booker The First Lady and others.

Mitt Romney is not proposing a legislative vision so don’t give him respect until he does.

Mr President, respect us.

Lead us Mr President with a message that YOU believe in and we will believe in you.



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6 thoughts on “An open letter to President Obama

  1. Barneysday on said:

    This was the basis for my piece a few weeks ago, “Obama needs a mouthpiece”. Obama remains curiously detached from the election, as though a few inspiring words will do the trick. His continued aloofness from the fight will be his downfall.

    Great post!

    • Thanks as was your post.
      Obama can be his best ‘mouthpiece. He has the ‘bully pulpit. While perhaps not as single focused as in the past because of the changes in our media,
      he doesn’t use it at all.
      This isn’t our parents Republican party.
      This is Karl Rove on steroids combined with the ruthlessness of profit driven, wealth creation of Mitt Romney.

      • Barneysday on said:

        Interesting thought. I believe it was at the hands of Neutron Newt that RepubliCANTS became the “take no prisoners” party that they are today. I believe further that they are holding the country hostage, willing to push us further into an economic abyss in pursuit of their single minded goals.

      • Oh you are right. Newt’s 1996 GOPAC memo on language IS the standard of the far right and the rank and file Republicans are simply too afraid and too weak to challenge them. See Dick Lugar.
        As to the economics, there is still the budget battle coming in September.
        Regardless of what Obama and Romney do or don’t do, IF the far right holds America hostage AGAIN!, the Country WILL react. And I think against Romney and the Republicans. Maybe even to the point of taking back the House.

  2. You said a mouthful with this post. If he wants us fired up, he needs to be fired up. We’re waiting…

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