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The Weekly 2012 – The ‘Alternative’ vs. ‘Vision’ – The ‘Wisconsin Effect’

There are moments…………………….

What ‘messages’ do either campaign send regarding their or their opponents ‘alternatives’ or ‘visions’.

5 months out from the election, there is a recall in Wisconsin.

The President doesn’t show to campaign.

The DNC is super tight in the purse strings.

Governor Walker wins. And wins comfortably because the National Democratic message was we didn’t really believe in the alternative to Gov. Walker and the Conservative ‘vision’.

Wisconsin goes R in November. +10 to Romney.

The ‘Wisconsin Effect’ kicks in.

Ohio now leans R and if Romney picks Portman, Ohio is Romney’s. +18 to Romney.

A few DOJ letters won’t stop the ‘voter purge’ in Florida (and other States) and sensing the lack of will from Democrats, Florida goes R. +29 to Romney.

Again sensing the lack of conviction or courage of will, Missouri goes R. +10 to Romney.

Indiana goes R for that and support for fellow Governors and Senators (Walker and Portman). +11 to Romney.

Arizona, Colorado and Iowa swing to the momentum. +26 to Romney.

Unable to stop the tide in the South of the Conservative hate for President Obama and the lack of conviction in the Democrats, Virgina goes R. +13 to Romney.

This gives Romney 308 electorial votes and the Presidency.

There are moments.

Wisconsin was a ‘moment’ for the Democrats. A ‘moment’ they let slip away.

This is how important Wisconsin WAS to the Democrats and Rob Portman WILL BE to Romney.

‘Obama campaign manager Jim Messina put out a video message which includes a map showing President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney in electoral votes, 243 to 191, with another 104 undecided’.

‘Toss ups: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin’.

‘Lean Democrat: Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania’.

‘Lean Republican: Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri’.
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5 thoughts on “The Weekly 2012 – The ‘Alternative’ vs. ‘Vision’ – The ‘Wisconsin Effect’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    The demos are their own worst enemies.

    • Sadly so.
      The ‘talking points’ coming tomorrow will be from the left – ‘it’s not really a test of November’ and from the right ‘see, you like us’.
      Romney has stayed out of this too but I’m going to go out and buy a farm so that I can bet it tomorrow that he will be on FOX saying – ‘see, we’re right’.
      Sorry I had to delete the one post with your comment. WordPress was doing weird things.

  2. Yes, looks like Walker is winning. I am sure Mitt Romney will be taking credit for that

    • I saw a tweet where he didn’t take actual credit but he will be the leader in this ‘Conservative’ move.
      Yeah, he was a real ‘leader’ in the Wisconsin recall fight.
      Just like he was a real ‘leader’ in the Senate’s Republican filibuster vote on equal pay.
      Romney is running a campaign where he has come to realize that no one is going to hold him accountable for anything he says.
      You know that. I know that. Millions of others know that.
      So if the press, the Fourth Estate of America’s Government won’t challenge him, then (GRINS!) ‘We The People’ via blogging, town halls, knocking on doors, what ever it takes, should and will.

      • The media only half-heartedly cares about Romney’s lies because, at this point, very few people actually care whether Romney lies or not. There is Obama base that will vote against Romney whether Mitt lied once, or keeps lying daily. And there is Romney base that just wants to get rid of Obama and will happily believe anything he says. There are probably only about 5% truly undecided who may care, and that’s not not big enough audience for the media.

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