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The Weekly 2012 – Romney wins Flordia and 27 electorial votes in 2012 Presidential Election! And it’s only May!

Anybody who DOESN’T think this will have a HUGE affect on the outcome of this election, does NOT remember Florida 2000.

A few thousand votes especially in 4 or 5 ‘swing’ States and Romney wins those State and the election. 

It’s ‘voter fraud’ according to Republicans.

And remember. This is happening in 13 other States.

‘Florida has no history of mass voter fraud. It does have a history, however, of mass voter disenfranchisement. By one estimate, 7000 Florida voters were wrongfully removed from the voter rolls for the 2000 presidential election — 13 times George W. Bush’s margin of victory in that state after the Supreme Court halted the post-election recount’.

‘Maureen Russo was born in Akron, Ohio. For the last 40 years she’s operated a dog boarding and grooming business — Bobbi’s World Kennels — with her husband in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Maureen is 60 years old and has been a registered voter in the state for the last four decades. She regularly votes at the church around the corner from her home’.
‘Two weeks ago she received a letter from the State of Florida informing her that that had recieved information that she was not born in this country and, therefore, was ineligible to vote’.
‘She was given an option to request “an administrative hearing to present evidence” disputing the determination of the State of Florida that she was ineligible to vote. Unless Maureen returned a form requesting such a hearing within 30 days, she was told, it would result in “the removal of your name from the voter registration rolls.”
‘She immediately sent off a registered letter to the State with a copy of her passport. She hasn’t heard anything back’.

‘It’s unclear precisely how Maureen was identified by the state as an ineligible voter’.
From :

‘These new restrictions fall most heavily on young, minority, and low-income voters, as well as on voters with disabilities. This wave of changes may sharply tilt the political terrain for the 2012 election. Based on the Brennan Center’s analysis of the 19 laws and two executive actions that passed in 14 states, it is clear that’:

•’These new laws could make it significantly harder for more than five million eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012′.
•’The states that have already cut back on voting rights will provide 171 electoral votes in 2012 – 63 percent of the 270 needed to win the presidency’.

•’Of the 12 likely battleground states, as assessed by an August Los Angeles Times analysis of Gallup polling, five have already cut back on voting rights (and may pass additional restrictive legislation), and two more are currently considering new restrictions’.
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The Romney lies – #1


Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies.

Well a sampling. I actually have a real life so no where near enough time to list them all………………

Also and in this case, it deals in an abstract that requires explanation. So no bumper sticker or 30 second sound bite. Sadly that leaves out most of America as the average American’s attention span regarding politics is 1 minute.

Which is also why our Country is failing…………………

Mitt Romney : ” Has he established the revitalization he promised he would bring to us?  Did he hold unemployment below 8%?  It’s been, what, 39 months now.  That hasn’t happened.  He promised it would happen by virtue of his stimulus”.
From :

The ‘promise’ refers to a ‘Jan. 9, 2009, report called “The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” from Christina Romer, chairwoman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, and Jared Bernstein, the vice president’s top economic adviser’.

‘What we saw from the administration in January was a projection, not a promise. And it was a projection that came with heavy disclaimers’.
“It should be understood that all of the estimates presented in this memo are subject to significant margins of error,” the report states’.

‘There’s also a footnote that goes along with the chart that states: “Forecasts of the unemployment rate without the recovery plan vary substantially. Some private forecasters anticipate unemployment rates as high as 11% in the absence of action.”
From :

What actually happened : ‘It’s important to recall that his was right in the throes of the recession. At the time, things were weakening much faster than anyone could possibly realize in real time’.

‘And this is crucial’.

‘Read this from the BEA’:

‘In the fourth quarter of 2008, which immediately followed the 2008 financial crisis, economic activity fell sharply. BEA’s initial, or “advance” estimate of GDP for the quarter, which was released on January 30, 2009, showed a decrease of 3.8 percent at an annual rate.  Since then, the estimate has been revised several more times – July 2011, and the latest estimate shows a decrease of 8.9 percent’.

‘Get that? It only looked like GDP had contracted by 3.8 percent in the previous quarter’.

‘It turns out, GDP was contracting at 8.9 percent — massively more than anyone realized at the time’.

‘ It doesn’t show that the stimulus failed, it shows that nobody realized how bad things were at the time, and perhaps it even unwittingly makes the case that the problem was that the stimulus wasn’t nearly big enough’.
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Is THIS the ‘real’ Mitt Romney? Or isn’t it?


Feb. 21, 2012
‘Speaking in Shelby Township, MI, the former Massachusetts governor took a question about the Simpson-Bowles fiscal commission empaneled by President Obama to address the nation’s deficit and debt issues. In his response, he said that addressing taxes and spending issues are essentia’l.

“If you just cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you’ll slow down the economy,” he said in part of his response. “So you have to, at the same time, create pro-growth tax policies.”
From :

And then………

‘Governor Mitt Romney’s proposals to cap total federal spending, boost defense spending, cut taxes, and balance the budget would require extraordinarily large cuts in other programs, according to an updated analysis that we released today’.

‘Governor Romney’s cuts would be substantially deeper than those required under the austere House-passed budget plan authored by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI)’.

‘ Over the 2014-2022 period, Romney would require $7 trillion to $10 trillion in cuts to programs other than Social Security and defense; the Ryan budget would make slightly more than $5 trillion in comparable cuts’.
From :

Romney on ‘Day One’

‘On day one, according to this commercial, Romney would “announce deficit reductions,” “stand up” to China on trade and begin to repeal “job-killing regulations.”

Excuse me. Just a few problems.

‘The president can’t cut budgets by fiat, so what would Romney actually do to reduce deficits on his first day? He could press Congress to implement his budget plan, but it calls for massive tax cuts that would deprive the government of revenue and make deficit reduction less likely’.
“I will label China … a currency manipulator.… And they will recognize that if they cheat there is a price to pay” 

‘Iit’s clear that Romney means a trade war when he says he plans to stand up to China. But as the Wall Street Journal rightfully pointed out in an editorial last fall, this would be a huge blunder; pursuing a trade war with China would drive up prices, hurt workers and damage our standing in the international community, especially on issues where Chinese help is invaluable’.

‘China-bashing might make for good politics but it wouldn’t help the economy or create jobs’.
‘All of this gets to one of the big problems with Romney’s campaign; for all the talk of job creation, the Republican nominee doesn’t have a plan for stimulating the economy’.

‘ In a recent interview, Time magazine’s Mark Halperin gave Romney a chance to elaborate on his proposals for job creation, and the most he gave was a nod to his 59-point plan’:

“Mark, I tell you, that you’re gonna have to look at them one by one — I’ve got 59 there, you’re going to have to decide which one is the most innovative and new. There are some that are new; there are some that are straightforward, such as how to balance the budget….”
From :

Romney’s ’59 Point Plan’ :

‘In the original document, Romney wrote that “low marginal tax rates” should be maintained and that corporate tax rates should come down from 35% to 25%’.

‘In February, Romney announced a new tax plan calling for a 20% reduction of the marginal rates for all tax brackets as well as the abolition of the Alternative Minimum Tax’.

‘Romney recently added his support for keeping a 3.4% interest rate on federal student loans rather than let the rate double as scheduled. He did not address the issue in his original plan’.

‘The plan also calls for passage of several trade agreements that President Obama has since signed into law’.

‘A Romney economic adviser, who requested anonymity to speak freely about the plan, said the document was never intended to be set in stone and specifically stipulated several areas where “more work needed to be done.”

“It’s absolutely intended to be a starting point,” the adviser said’.
From :

Mitt Romney : ” I’ve got 59 there, you’re going to have to decide which one is the most innovative and new”.

Romney during his private-sector career was a “job creator”

Actually he was a ‘wealth’ creator.

Wealth for a few does not mean jobs for the many.

‘This may seem like a “gotcha” gimmick, mocking Romney for his evolving I-once-caught-a-fish-this-big style of job-creation estimates, but it’s actually a very serious point. Indeed, Romney’s single most important claim as a candidate for the presidency is that he, during his private-sector career, was a “job creator.”

‘ If this isn’t true, his rationale for national office crumbles’.

‘And when a person making a bold claim can’t keep his story straight, it’s generally a strong hint that the claim is dubious’.

‘Bill Burton, a senior strategist at Priorities USA Action, told me this morning, “If [Romney] just released an accounting of the jobs gained and the jobs lost when he was at Bain, he could clear this whole controversy right up.”

‘That’s true, but it’s a challenge Romney is unlikely to meet. I suspect we’ll see a full accounting of the former governor’s jobs record around the same time as we see his former tax returns — which is to say, never, since both are inexplicably being kept hidden from voters’.
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