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The Weekly 2012 – The ‘Vision’ edition

Both campaigns are molding their message.

The Republicans – ‘Obama isn’t up to the job’.

We have been, are in and may well go into another recession. THAT needs to be explained. The ‘how’ we got there. The ‘what’ to do to get out of it. The why we do to stay out of it. And explaining ANYTHING has been the hardest job for this administration.

If Obama loses, it won’t be the economy stupid. It’ll be, you couldn’t explain it.

And explaining does not lend itself to easy talking points.
Especially to an electorate that has a very, very short attention span.

The Democrats – ‘Romney is out of touch’.

The Conservative policy of ‘cut taxes’, ‘cut regulations’ and THIS will spur a magnificant growth, once agian thrusting America back into the role of ‘Leader of the Free World’.

No it won’t :

And if we do go into another recession (or more likely ‘when’), who do you want Governing?

A Party that cares and legislates in favor of business? Because THAT will spur eventual ‘growth’?

Or a Party that favors and legislates in favor of people? Because THAT will provide safety nets until business finally figures out that CONSUMERS are the real ‘job creators’. And for consumers to spend, they need jobs. If the private sector won’t hire because Government won’t ‘guarantee’ them a profit, then Government HAS to step in a create jobs.
Put America Back To Work!

That is the ‘bottom line’ of this election.

And THIS is the real problem :

‘A more aggressive monetary or fiscal policy, or both, would help put lots of Americans back to work.(Spending) Sadly, there’s little sign that policymakers have much interest in using these tools. The inertia can be chalked up, in part, to ideological hostility from those who are opposed to more government spending or to anything that might increase inflation. But the bigger obstacle may be psychological: the longer unemployment stays high, the likelier people are to get used to it’.
From :

And the constant ‘white noise’ in the background :

‘Dutch government falls in budget crisis’
From :

‘Markets Plummet As Dutch Government Collapses’
From :

The EU and their financial crisis may have more to do with the outcome of our election then any efforts by the campaigns.

Austerity, cutting Government budgets to ‘save’ Government from economic crisis or even collaspe, is resulting in extreme hardship on the very people these Governments are suppose to protect and still it’s bringing on crisis and collaspe.

Conservatives are so eager to yell ‘Look at Greece. All that spending lead to their collaspe.’

Look at the EU. All that cutting of budgets is leading to collaspe.

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One thought on “The Weekly 2012 – The ‘Vision’ edition

  1. Yes, why don’t we look at Greece. Don’t they have one of the lowest rates of corporate taxes in the world?

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