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‘HELP WANTED’ – It takes a Village in the Global Economy

This speaks to the outdated concepts of isolationism, protectionism, Nationalism even in the US, exceptionalism.

I remember the reaction most gave to Hillary Clinton’s ‘It Takes A Village’.

It’s an abstract concept but as our World gets ‘smaller’ (more of us occupying the same amount of space) becoming not just pragmatic but necessary. 

‘Industry projections from Australia’s employment department show Australia will need 1.3 million extra workers over the next five years, including almost 200,000 more workers for the construction sector’.

‘Australia will also need around 320,000 more health care and social assistance workers’.

‘Australia has been running immigration seminars in India and Europe to attract skilled workers, and will now target the United States for the first time, with a skills expo set for Houston in Texas on May 19 and 20’.

‘Australia’s Skills Minister Chris Evans and the U.S. Ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich on Monday unveiled a new scheme to help U.S. workers have their trade qualifications recognized more quickly in Australia’.

“While the government’s first priority is to train Australians for jobs in the resources and construction sectors, projections show that we will need workers from overseas for a peak in activity in the next three to five years,” Evans said’.

‘Australia, which avoided recession after the global financial crisis, has a tight labor market, with unemployment at 5.2 percent compared to the current 8.3 percent in the United States as its economy recovers from a deep slump’.
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Freedom of Speech – Would Rush Limbaugh be arrested? Would you or I be arrested?

This is another ‘bridge too far’. Another Conservative legislature attempting to legislate morality on social exchange.

For Conservatives who shout at the top of their lungs about Government being to intrusive, they are the ones intruding.

‘Yesterday, the Arizona legislature passed Arizona House Bill 2549, which would update the state’s telephone harassment law to apply to the Internet and other electronic communications’.

‘Because the bill is not limited to one-to-one communications, H.B. 2549 would apply to the Internet as a whole’.

‘Government may criminalize speech that rises to the level of harassment and many states have laws that do so, but this legislation takes a law meant to address irritating phone calls and applies it to communication on web sites, blogs, listserves and other Internet communication’.

‘Speech protected by the First Amendment is often intended to offend, annoy or scare but could be prosecuted under this law’.

‘Some Arizona residents may consider Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about a Georgetown law student lewd. He could be prosecuted if he intended his comments to be offensive. Similarly, much general content available in the media uses racy or profane language and is intended to offend, annoy or even terrify. Bill Maher’s stand up routines and Jon Stewart’s nightly comedy program, Ann Coulter’s books criticizing liberals and Christopher Hitchens’ expressing his disdain for religion, Stephen King’s novels or the Halloween films all could be subject to this legislation. Even common taunting about sports between rival fans done online is frequently meant to offend or annoy and is often done using salty and profane language’.
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Gas Prices and ‘Political Pixie Dust’

I’m starting to wonder if Representative Paul Ryan – he of the ‘bold’ budgets – isn’t channeling Mitt Romeny.

The more he talks, the worse it gets.

Present day –

‘Rep. Paul Ryan said this morning on “This Week” that the idea of releasing oil from strategic reserves to drive down domestic gas prices was “political pixie dust in an election year.”

“I call it the political pixie dust in an election year. It really doesn’t do a lot,” said Ryan. “Instead of begging the Saudis to sell us more of their oil, what our budget does is says let’s go and explore more of our own oil.”

And June 2011 –

‘News of the oil release sent gasoline tumbling 14 cents a gallon in the futures markets. That’s the equivalent of about $56 million a day in savings at the gas pump — or about $20 billion a year, according to Peter Beutel, and oil analyst a Cameron Hanover. In New York trading crude oil was down $4.01 to $91.40 a barrel, more than 20 percent below peak levels of $114 hit in early May’.

‘But Paul Ryan says it didn’t really help’.
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