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‘Joe The (not so plumber) Plumber’



Or lesser known as Samuel Wurzelbacher.

Representative Marcy Kaptur -D  Samuel Wurzelbacher -R(tea bag) – Ohio -9th

Yep. Just a ‘regular’. hard working, blue collar guy.

‘Wurzelbacher has no plumbing income in the last two years. Rather, he’s been earning a modest income as a speaker for lobbying groups and political causes, many of which are funded by corporate interests’.

‘According to financial disclosure forms collected by Republic Report, Wurzelbacher has made over $140,000 in honorarium fees — his only reported source of income since 2010’.

Here are some of the most interesting fees:

– ‘Americans for Prosperity, the group financed in part by the billionaire Koch brothers and led by the astroturf lobbyist Tim Phillips, has paid Joe the Plumber at least $32,000’.

‘The disclosure forms reviewed by Republic Report indicate that Wurzelbacher has forgone plumbing for a career as a political speaker, one closely tied to special interests that might be looking for payback if Joe the Plumber becomes Joe the Congressman’.

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One thought on “‘Joe The (not so plumber) Plumber’

  1. Reblogged this on Miles598's Blog and commented:
    Can someone say opportunist!!! If you did see this coming than you need to check your skills!!! Priceless!

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