The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Health Care – For Profit and A Lot Of It!!!!

As usual the eventual ‘loser’ in the Great Health Care Debate will be us, ‘we the people’, the consumer.

Cost of the actual health care will go up.

Insurance premiums will go up.

Coverage will be reduced.

And politicans and business (the politicans taking money FROM business) will keep telling us how hard they are working for us.

‘Nobody except Justice Anthony Kennedy knows what will happen to Obamacare. But Wall Street, whose predictive powers are dubious, thinks it does. The proof is in the healthcare stocks’.

‘The below chart shows Aetna’s stock price the past week. Check out the vertical action today. That’s a single day increase of over 6.5 percent’.



‘It’s not just Aetna. UnitedHealth Group, Humana, and Wellpoint are all up between 2 and 5 percent on the day too’.
From :
And then a breath of fresh air –

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday –

KEYES: ‘You don’t think the subsidies for low-income people are going to be helpful’?

CALDWELL: ‘No, no. The worst thing you can do is give it to an insurance company. I want to make my point. All insurance companies are controlled in their particular state. If you have a hurricane come up the east coast, the first one that’s going to leave you when they gotta pay too many claims is an insurance company. Insurance companies are the absolute worst people to handle this kind of business. I trust the government more than insurance companies. If the government wants to put forth a policy where they will pay for everything and you won’t have to go through an insurance policy, that’d be a whole lot better’.
From :

Watch it here –



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