The Last Of The Millenniums

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The Weekly 2012

President Obama –

More and more, as it’s clear Romney will win (but only after Santorun and Gingrich eviscerate him), the problem Obama has is peaking too soon.


Mitt Romney has little to no expectations due in most part to his comments. And President Obama, taking the ‘high road’, has resulted in higher expectations.

Then you look at the Country and ask ‘why aren’t we doing better’?

Hence the President running against Congress, and will continue to do so even AFTER Mitt is selected. Running against Mitt will actually be an after thought as the President has to bring home the point that the Republican lead House is the body of Government that ‘won’t compromise’ and help the middle class out of the recession.

But with the Republican ‘war on women’ and the tea bag ‘war on budgets’ turning off most Independents and Moderates, maybe it’s less about Obama peaking too soon vs. Republicans can’t stop themselves.

The Supreme Court decision on AHCA (regardless of how they vote) is a win-win for Democrats. This will be in June.

The Republicans are already making plans to have ANOTHER budget battle over the deficit. This will be in September.

I’ve said it before. This should have been a year long victory lap of Conservatives. Between the war in Afghanistan, the sluggish economy, high unemployment and the Supreme Court debate over health care, all Conservatives had to do was present someone intellighent, human and rational. Someone that Americans could see ‘felt their pain’.

But after the circus left town ( Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Trump, Cain), all that was left was Romney. Someone ‘Real’ Conservatives really don’t like all that much.
Republicans –

Seantor Marco Rubio (R-Fl) is very rapidly becoming the VP choice for the Republicans. Kind of strange to have a VP before a P. (Oh it’s going to be Romney but how much of a stink will Santorum and the Religious right put up BEFORE they endorse Romney?)

He, Rubio and a few others are working on a revised ‘Dream Act’ that will be introduced AFTER the Republican Convention.

This is hoped to offset the really, really bad rating that Republicans have with Latinos –

‘A recent poll by Fox News Latino illustrated the problem for the GOP: 70% of Latino voters backed Obama, compared with 14% supporting Romney’.
From :

Rick Santorum –

He needed BOTH of these States.

‘A new Marquette Law School poll in Wisconsin shows Mitt Romney leading Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential race, 39% to 31%, with Ron Paul at 11% and Newt Gingrich at 5%’.

‘The Wisconsin primary is April 3’.
From :

‘A new Pittsburgh Tribune-Review poll in Pennsylvania finds Rick Santorum barely ahead of Mitt Romney in his home state, 30% to 28%, within the poll’s 4.2% margin of error’.

‘That’s a big change from February, when Santorum held a commanding 15-percentage-point lead over Romney in the poll’.
From :

Well THAT isn’t goinjg to happen so ‘Nuff said.

Mitt Romney –

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. The ‘excitement factor’.

‘The Washington Post reports Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been selling official “Romney Super Fan” T-shirts for $30 apiece but has managed to sell just 346’.

‘Rick Santorum, by contrast, has sold 3,000 of his $100 souvenir sweater vests’.
From :

There is of course still Newt –

Just a book tour now. I’m sure Fox spews will take him back.

And of course Ron Paul. Since he doesn’t know what he’s doing – how can he expect anyone else too.


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