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Mitt Romney and ‘The Dog Food Problem’

‘One of the great legends of political consulting is the Dog Food Problem: an apocryphal tale of a company that had the best packaging, the best advertising, the best marketing. But there was only one problem: the dog wouldn’t eat it’.
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Santorum wins in Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi. Is strong in Missouri and gaining in Illinois.

Romney wins in Guam, Northern Marianas, Virgin Islands, Wymoing and Hawaii.
Just like some people think Obama ISN’T a ‘real’ American, some people don;t think that Guam, Northern Marianas or the Virgin Islands are part of America.)

Santorum has a growing swath of Sates he’s won cutting through the ‘heartland of America’.

Romney has the lead in delegates.

Winning the battles and losing the war.

Gingrich is just in this to spoil it for Romney the ‘establishment’ candidate.
The problem is that Adleson’s money is suppose to be used to stop Santorum – NOT romney. So will Sheldon keep on giving?

A ‘brokered convention’ means that someone can bring together the parties.

I don’t see or think that anyone could bring the very non-excited Romney delegates together with the ideological commited ‘belivers’ of the Santorum delegates.

Would Jeb Bush or Chris Christie even WANT to get into this?


There needs to be a Conservative ‘balance’ to a Liberal counterweight in our Nation.

The Republican primaries are quickly showing there isn’t.

If the Republican’s won’t ‘eat’ the Romney dog food, what makes Conservatives think that Moderates and Independents will ‘eat’ the Republican dog food?

If you use a public restroom, you’ll have to pass a drug test

This is starting to get out of hand.

OKLAHOMA CITY – ‘Candidates for state or local offices would have to take a test for illegal drugs and certain prescription drugs before they could file for the posts under the requirements of an amendment to a bill the House of Representatives passed Monday’.

‘The measure was the Democrats’ response to a Republican-backed bill that would require adults receiving welfare assistance to undergo drug tests’.
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