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Santorum – The culture war of hate


A Rick Santorum robo call :

‘Hi, my name is Brian Camenker; I’m a Jew from Massachusetts. And this is Darcy Brandon; I’m a Christian from California. If you believe as we do that marriage and sexuality should only be between a man and a woman, please help us stop Mitt Romney. As Governor, Romney signed “Gay Youth Pride Day” declarations, promoted homosexuality in our elementary schools, and unconstitutionally ordered state officals to make Massachusetts America’s first same-sex marriage state. Romney supports open homosexuality in the military, the appointment of homosexual judges, and the ENDA law, making it illegal to fire a man who wears a dress and high heels to work, even if he’s your kid’s teacher. When you vote tomorrow, please vote for social sanity and Rick Santorum, not for homosexuality and Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum is the only candidate who can be trusted to uphold traditional marriage, a straight military, and the rights of American children to have both a mother and a father. This message paid for by and not authorized by any candidate. To get the facts before you vote, visit’.
From :

‘Camenker is a longtime anti-gay activist in Massachusetts. Watch his Daily Show appearance first aired in 2005, during which, like a good Jew, he compares gay people to Nazis:

And from Jews and Christians Together? :

•”Obama’s Fraudulent Faith Just Unmasked.”
•”Obama’s Economic Policy Directly Opposes the Bible.”
•”Rick Santorum is Right: Satan Has Targeted America.”
•”Stand Strong: Stop the Intimidation Today.”
•”Twisted Scripture: Overcoming the Lies of Homosexuality.”
•”URGENT: Stop Sharia Law in Florida.”
•”Obama Withholds Important Opt-Out for Christian Groups.”
•”EXPOSED: High School Student Club Linked to Terrorism.”
•”NEW SERIES: 10 Reasons Why Obama is not a Christian.”
•”School Board Defends Islamic Indoctrination.”
•”Will You Let Obama’s Death Panels Determine


Tax Reform but for whom?


It’s called ‘paying it forward’ or not in thses cases.

‘Fresh out of a meeting with members of the Blue Dog Coalition, dozens of CEOs in town for a series of Business Roundtable policy and lobbying meetings today unveiled proposals to boost the economy’.

‘The plan, billed as “Taking Action for America,” calls for a balanced federal budget, a reform of federal regulations and a lower corporate tax rate based on a territorial tax system, among others’.

‘For instance, Boeing CEO Jim McNerny is part of the group calling for corporate tax cuts, despite the fact that his company has a negative federal tax rate for the last decade. Only twice in the last ten years has Boeing had federal tax liability in a given year, and between 2008 and 2010, the company made $9 billion in profits without paying any federal corporate income tax’.

‘Andrew Liveris, president and CEO of the Dow Chemical, also joined the lobbying party, even though his company received nearly half a billion dollars in tax refunds in 2010. Proctor & Gamble’s CEO also participated, while heading a company very fond of exploiting loopholes to avoid taxes’.

‘Corporate tax rates are already at a 40 year low’.
From :

Tax Policy


Mitt Romney – “So I haven’t laid out all of the details about how we’re going to deal with each deduction, so I think it’s kind of interesting for the groups to try and score it, because frankly it can’t be scored, because those kinds of details will have to be worked out with Congress, and we have a wide array of options.”

Ezra Klein from Wonkblog :

“Let’s be clear on this: A tax plan that can’t be scored because it doesn’t include sufficient details is not a plan. It’s a gesture towards a plan, or a statement of intended direction, or perhaps an unusually wonky daydream. But it’s not a plan.”

‘As the Washington Post explained in its discussion of an analysis by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, “until the campaign offers a more specific plan, Budget Watch analysts said Romney’s entire framework would add about $2.6 trillion to the debt by 2021.” That’s likely a conservative estimate’.
From :


Dear Republicans – W….T…..F?

From ‘Death Panels’ to a ‘One Child’ policy.

And from none other then someone who not that long ago was a leading Republican candidate for President – US Representive Michele Bachmann :

‘Even The Blaze’s panelists couldn’t quite believe Bachmann was just making up, out of whole cloth, the suggestion the administration might want to adopt China’s notorious “One Child” policy. But when you think about it, it’s no more preposterous than the “death panel” smear, which God knows how many people believe. So you can hardly blame Bachmann for giving it a try’.

Republicans. COnservatives THIS is WHY, with each passing day, more and more just everyday normal people are saying what is happening to Conservative politics and the Republican party in particular?




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