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The Peyton Manning watch

I’ve alwasy loved watching this guy. No slap at Kurt Warner and the Ram’s but to me, Peyton was the ‘greatest show on turf’.

Yeah $28 million is a lot of money but you’d have one ofthe greatest QB’s in the history of the sport mentoring your newly drafed QB.

Heard rumors of him going to the Jets, Dallas or even San Fran.

Of course being a Washingtonian, I and many, many others have always dreamned about having a professional NFL team in Seattle and Manning would be GREAT for it.

But I balance all of that with the fact that his rehab is over injuries that won’t allow any hits on him.

Peyton you have given us al so many menories. Maybe rather then going someplace and only being able to play ‘carefully’, you should retire.


But it’s not obstructionism


This to me is the big problem. What we do, what our Government does should be about America and Americans.

The actions or lack of and their consequences today and long term.

‘In a sign of just how bad congressional dysfunction has gotten, Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked the advancement of a transportation bill, a piece of legislation that traditionally has enjoyed broad bipartisan support’.
‘The vote was 52-44, short of the 60 needed to take up the bill’.

‘Transportation bills have traditionally been among the most popular pieces of legislation, often passing with strong bipartisan support’.

‘This year’s efforts have been seen by supporters as jobs legislation critical to boosting the nation’s still-sluggish economy by saving or creating up to 3 million jobs. It includes a provision eagerly sought by Los Angeles officials to speed expansion of the region’s public transit system and would fund politically popular traffic-easing projects’.

‘But detractors, particularly conservatives, are resisting its costs at a time when lawmakers are focused on deficit reduction. Even though the legislation is a priority for Boehner, Republicans have been forced to rewrite their bill after a rebellion within their ranks over a variety of issues, including its five-year $260 billion price tag’.
From :

THis is jobs and infrastructure. If people don’t have jobs, they don’t spend money (thus creating more jobs) nor pay taxes (creating larger budget deficets).

If we don’t maintain our roads, it will cost more in the future to repair.

And DON’T even start on the ‘oh it raises our debt’ until YOU show me where private industry is going to build roads. And show me how much it will cost us to drive on those ‘private’ roads.

Our fathers and mothers built this Country and did so via higher taxes KNOWING what they were building would be great!

And WE complain that now it costs us.

Don’t want to add to the debt?

Then you want America to fall apart.


OOPS! Mitt’s Dad George Romney and Saul Alinsky


Gasp! Was Mitt’s dad a commie!?!

‘When slum organizer Saul Alinsky, with the West Side Organization’s militant Negroes and clerics, wanted to meet with the white Detroit rulers, Romney indirectly arranged the meeting, and attended. Democratic Mayor Jerome Cavanaugh avoided the rough company’.
“I think you ought to listen to Alinsky,” Romney told his reluctant white friends. ‘It seems to me that we are always talking to the same people. Maybe the time has come to hear new voices.” Said an Episcopal bishop, ‘He made Alinsky sound like a Republican.'”
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Unfortunately this is the real problem. We can’t have open discussions anymore.

Why NOT listen to other perspectives?

I make an honest effort to not harp on the Conservatives having been raised as an Eisenhower Republican that turned Democrat and then turned social Liberal and fiscal Conservitive.

But honestly, the Conservitive movement has turned so hard and so far ‘right’ and turned so hard and far on not compromising that it’s becoming less a persepctive then a realistic view.

If we refuse to talk or listen to others simply based on an ideological stand, then we lose so much of the World and so many of it’s possiblities.

Vermont vs. Citizens United


OK. I did have time for a few more. (GRINS!)

The actual people of Vermont won. Not the ‘corporations’ that are people.

‘More than 50 towns had the Citizens United amendment question on their Town Meeting Day ballots and dozens of those towns approved’.

‘As of late Tuesday evening, unofficial results shows voters in at least two dozen towns have passed resolutions they hope will change the way corporations can contribute to political campaigns’.

‘It passed by almost 80 percent in Burlington, where some voters told News Channel 5 they were pleased with the opportunity to vote on a national issue’.
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So-So Tuesday


Nope. No knock out punch.

N. Dakota Caucus
Santorum – 39.7% – 11 delegates
Romney – 23.7% – 7 delegates
Gingrich – 8.5%
This should have been a good shot for Paul. He ended up 11% behind Rick. I’m including Newt as for the next month, the Sounth is very prominant.

Georgia Primary
Gingrich – 47% – 46 delegates
Romney – 25% – 13 delegates
Santorum – 19% – 2 delegates
No surprise and no doubt a good money maker for Newt.

Virginia Primary
Romney – 59% – 43 delegates
This makes Newt’s 46 delegaters in Georgia a wash. Shoulda had a disciplined enough campaign to be on the ballot Newt and although not as damaging Rick too.

Vermont Primary
Romney – 39% – 9 delegates
Santorum 23% – 4 delegates
Gingrich – 8% – 0 delegates

Ohio Primary
Romney – 38% – 35 delegates
Santorum – 37% – 21 delegates
Rick had lost even the posibility of 18 delegates via signature collection so combine that with a 1% Mitt ‘win’ and this was the punch that didn’t land for Mitt. Add to that, women really moved to Romney. You have to ask did they vote FOR Romeny, or AGAINST Santorum?

Tennessee Primary
Santorum – 37% – 25 delegates
Romney – 28% – 10 delegates
Gingrich – 24% – 8 delegates
This is the start of Mitt’s Southern ‘problem’.

Oklahoma Primary
Santorum – 33% – 14 delegates
Romney – 28% – 13 delegates
Gingrich – 27% – 13 delegates
More of Mitt’s ‘Southern’ problem. Thatbeing that someone else is still running. Newt is taking away from Rick in the South but with Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma, Newt is still competing re:the Convention.

Massachusetts Primary
Romney – 72% – 38 delegates
No surprise as this is actually Mitt’s ‘home’ State, not Michigan.

Alaska Caucus
Romney – 32% – 8 delegates
Santorum – 29% – 7 delegates
Gingrich (despite Palin) 14% – 3 delegates

Idaho Caucus
Romney – 61% – 32 delegates
Santorum – 18% – 0 delegates
Gingrich – 2% – 0 delegates


Mitt 208 delegates
Rick 84 delegates
Newt 70 delegates
From :

Of course the actual delegate count is more let’s say ‘special’ then this but at just 1/2 the delegates up for grabs, not a knock out punch.

Now I need to throw in, no one else really has a chance at getting the nomination but Romney. He basicly has it wrapped up.

What’s happening now is the slow and very ugly hacking apart of what was once, to me, a very Grand Old Party in the mold of Eisenhower.

The seperation, ideological, between Rick, Newt and Mitt is huge.

And add to that the ‘excitement’ factor and Romeny and the other Republican candidates are shaping a Romney winning the battle (nomination) and really losing the war (election) badly.

Policy should not have been replaced with ideology.

And the running total :

Romney – 386 delegates
Santorum – 159 delegates
Gingrich – 120 delegates
Paul – 73 delegates
Needed to win – 1144
From :


Well busy day today so this is it.


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