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Why Romney lost in Michigan – Blame the Democrats

Will he lose Michigan? We’ll know in 24 hours but with Santorum running ads hitting the ‘workers’ hot button and calling on Democrats to vote for Santorum, Romney may well lose.

And a defeat here, even a close one, will make a much, much bigger splash then Romneys big victory in Arizona.

So what does Romney do?

Well he could stop talking –

Describing an event he was at that occured before he was born is kinda weird………

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t excite his base.

Or more accurately he doesn’t have a base to excite. 

But instead he’ll blame the Democrats.

Michigan is an ‘open primary’ State so anyone can vote for any candidate.

And if I lived in Michigan, I’d vote for Santorum. Why?

Something HAS to wake up the Republican party. The party of Eisenhower and Reagan.

So if the Republicans won’t wake up, discipline themselves, maybe the Democrats should step up and do it for them.

It’s not just the Republicans losing the Presidential election, it’s America losing what should be the real and intelligent debate between two differing opinions as to the economy and the  direction of our Nation.

And instead, we’re getting ideological crap from the fringe of the Republican party. A fringe that with each passing day, is gaining credibility because no one in the Republican party will (or can) stop it and redirect the energy of the Republican party back to the real issues of ALL Americans – the economy.

Not going to college.

Not contraception.

Not seperation of church and State.

Not name calling.

But – ‘It’s the economy stupid’.

So why is this happening? How could a moderate Conservative like Romney lose to a biblicial Constitutionalists like Santorum?

Go back to 1970 –

Roger ailes proposes a National news network for the GOP to Nixon.

In 1996, Roger Ailes launches Fox.

To boost ratings (for profit) Fox attaches and promotes a small political movement called the Tea party beginning in 2009.

From the beginning, Fox was the ‘dog wagging the the Tea party tail’.

Fox gave the Tea party ‘credibility’ even thosugh there was very little credibility.

The Tea party took the lead in the 2010 Midterm elections and Republicans soared. Then it fell flat on it’s face.

Good rhetoric does not equal good policy.

But the toothpaste was already out of the tube.

Fox is now toning down it’s rhetoric but the tea party which proved to be a failure, has been taken over by the fringe religious right that has waited oh so long for this opportunity.

And that’s why Romney lost in Michigan (maybe).

The Republican party embraced the popularity of the Tea party (profit for Fox) over the practicality of policies giving credibility to now fringe religious right.

But blame the Democrats.

So while Romney lost in Michigan (maybe), Americans are the real losers.

We’ve lost the needed debate about the economy for our future to the need to go back to our religious foundings.

The new Republican party song :

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