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The Weekly 2012

Three ‘fronts’ for President Obama this week.

1. Gas prices. How high and how long. $4.50 and above and 3 months and he will have problems. $4.00 and 60 days and not so much as it won’t extend into the election and Americans have extremely short attention spans.
But for the time being, get use to the lumping of ‘failed policies’ mantra.

2. Still running against Congress is his best bet. The Superme Court may actually put off a decision of the AHCA. Start Googling Anti-Injunction Act :

 (I can’t see them actually do that but…….) and that would be the only high profile news that would shake the Republican House. But here the President again can continue to campaign against them as they, Congress, would call for the repeal and replace and still have no plan for replacement.
Actually they do have a ‘replace’ plan. They call it ‘options’. Most of us would call it being handed the phone book turned to the ‘I’s’. Pick and insurnace company.

3. Staying above the Republican Presidential candidates ‘fray’.
The raise, mostly from Gingrich and Santorum of the ‘Obama is anti’American’.
The voters that do have an attention span, and mostly moderates at this stage of the election process, have the intelligence to know that Obama isn”t anti-American.
They also understand that THAT line of campaiging is used to replace a lack of policy proposals.
Republicnas –

It’s almost like a portion of the Republican Party has decided that since women have gotten the ‘right’ to vote, they’ve gotten kind of ‘uppity’. So men will have to step in and decide for them re:their reproduction and basicly sex practices in general.

You have to start asking yourself – are there Republicans in high positions that are directing this? Or is it a case of the tail wagging the dog?

The President and Democrats in general, are going to ‘lose’ 2-5 Million votes due to the tightening of voting laws in a dozen States.

See :
A good article and also the link to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law’s article “Voting Law Changes in 2012”.

Is it possible that the Republicans felt bad about that so are going to (pardon my ‘french’) piss off women?

Mitt Romney – It’s trending that Mitt will win in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday. But at this stage and in a State that he has family ties to, it should have been an easy victory.

In fact at this point, he should be racking up victories and stock piliung cash to use in the general Election.

Instead he’s having to campaign had and spend big.

Romney simply put, does not enthuse, excite the Republicans.

A loss in Michigan and the general lack of enthusiasm would mean an end to the Romney campaign. He’d stay in as he DOES have the money and organization but the State’s going into the loss column will greatly out number the winning States.

And after Tuesady? Even with at least one and maybe two wins, it doesn’t get any easier – Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, N. Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virgina.
At best, Romney is looking at a 50-50 split here.

Rick Santorum –

The opposite of Mitt is Rick. He DOES excite the minority base of the Republican party.

Unfortunately while he’s doing THAT, he’s scaring the crap out of moderate middle America.

Santorum would represent a culture war. If you aren’t ‘Christian’ and we’ll decide who is and isn’t, then you are anti – American.

How sad is it that the seeming focus of a campaign is on religion and it’s roll in daily life and education instead of positive proposals to rebuild America and put it back to work?

Newt –

Well Newt got his Super Pac money :

The problem of course is that it’s to be spent on stopping Santorum not Romney.

Adleson wants Obama out but not at the risk of Santorum in.

Ron Paul –

Yes he’s still running. The only question is how many delegates will he have and will they be of any use on the, what’s becoming more and more likely on a first ballot of what will be a ‘brokered’ Convention.

The Convention –

There are two people, Former Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Chris Christie that have the name recognition AND would excite the moderates both in the Republican Party and in general, that their nomination at the Republican Convention could and depending on the economy, would defeat President Obama.

More importantly and something that should be happening right now, is the intelligent debate on the real issues facing America we shoulld and could be having.

Either’s nomination, with or without a victory in November, would split the Republican Party and to the point where the minority of tea and religious right would have to form a 3rd National political party.


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