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Coming soon to a Republican Convention near you – Favorite Son Jeb Bush

Of the 4 remaining Republican Presidential candidates, only Romney would get above 40% of the vote. Only two people, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have enough name recognition to be nominated in August and compete. Now the only question is how much longer will the rank and file of the Repubican Party continue to let a minority of tea and religious right to be the tail wagging the dog?

“I used to be a conservative and I watch these debates and I’m wondering, I don’t think I’ve changed, but it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective and that’s kind of where we are,” said Bush’.

“I think it’s important for the candidates to recognize though they have to appeal to primary voters, and not turn off independent voters that will be part of a winning coalition,” he said’.

‘The former Florida governor has not endorsed any of the Republicans currently running for president’.
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No I am not endorsing Bush but America deserves an intelligent debate on the issues. What we are getting is fear and loathing form the right.

Just because it always has been doesn’t mean it always will be. We are rapidly approching that point where we won’t be.




Sweet Home Washington (State)

Usually Washington State is an also mentioned. Say Washington and almost everybody thinks of D.C.

So it’s always of note when any national agency or organization takes the time to spotlight us.

Thank you PPP.

We are going to have a new Governor this year and so far the race is pretty close ‘PPP finds the race for Governor of Washington tied, with Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna each at 42%’.

McKenna has been our State’s Attorney General since our current Governor left the job. (Check me on that.) He’s also been running for Governor almost as long.

Inslee is the D and depending on the trend in National politics and a couple of in State initiatives, that will more then likely determine his fate.

Our State legislature recently passed and the Governor signed into law the ‘same sex marriage’ law. Even before it was signed, opposition was started against it.

‘-The vote on gay marriage in Washington looks like it should be pretty close. 50% of voters say they’ll vote to uphold the law legalizing gay marriage, while 46% say they would vote to repeal it. You see the standard huge generational gap on this issue. Young voters support gay marriage 63/32, while seniors oppose it 56/39. Even if voters do repeal the law this fall, it’s pretty clear the direction things are moving in’.

That pretty much sums it up. An initiative of ‘everything but marriage’ passed 3 years ago so if you can’t see the writing on the wall it’s because you don’t want to look.

And the other issue – ‘-Washington voters are also leaning toward legalizing marijuana. 47% of voters say they’re currently inclined to vote yes on Initiative 502 to 39% who are opposed. This leads by double digits with every age group except for seniors, who oppose it 45/35’.

Again more writing on the wall.

I was very surprised to see this – ‘Christine Gregoire continues to be one of the most unpopular Governors in the country with 40% of voters approving of her to 53% who disapprove. The only Governors we’ve found with a higher disapproval rating than her in the last year are Hawaii’s Neil Abercrombie and Florida’s Rick Scott’.

The bulk of our State’s revenue is sales tax based. Gregorie has done a decent job but with the recession AND having to depend mostly on sales tax, not a lot of wiggle room.

But wow! to be in the same neighborhood as Florida’s Rick Scott?!

We also have a US Senate seat up for grabs.

One of the people running for the seat is a teabagger form my area of the State.Michael Baumgartner. 2 years ago when he was running for State Senator his opponant charged that the teabagger was only using the Senate race as a stepping stone. And of course the teabagger said ‘Oh of course I’m not’.

Less then a year after winning the State Senate seat, the tea bagger announced he was running for US Seante.

That will be the focus of the campaign against him. Accountability. Remember THAT tea party?

Well that and the last I saw Cantwell had raised $1.5 Million and Baumgartner had rtaised $150,000.


‘Romney wrote a lengthy reply warning against European-style polarization.

“Dogmatic ideological parties tend to splinter the political and social fabric of a nation,” Romney wrote. Worse, he added, political parties with fixed ideological programs “lead to governmental crises and deadlocks, and stymie the compromises so often necessary to preserve freedom and achieve progress.”

That was then Michigan Governor George Romney.

He ‘and other leading moderates, called for a more inclusive GOP and critized Goldwater’s campaign. Stung by the failure of many moderates to actively support or even formally endorse his candidacy, Goldwater retorted that he needed no lessons in maintaining unity’.
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How much of tghis is going to be replayed over the coming months?

 “The Missing Middle in American Politics—How Moderate Republicans Became Extinct” (apparently a review of Geoffrey Kabaservice’s Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party from Eisenhower to the Tea Party).

‘Just 40 percent of Republicans say they have a great deal of interest in following the contest, compared with 48 percent in December’.
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The TaxMan

‘No corporation in the US actually pays 35% on income.  Too many loopholes’.

‘The distinction between statutory tax rates and effective rates. But it only takes a sentence or two, so here it is’.

‘The statutory rate is the top rate in the tax table. Right now it’s 35% for corporations.

‘The effective rate is what corporations actually pay after their accountants are done combing the tax code for deductions and loopholes. The former is one of the highest in the world. That latter has been falling for years and is now one of the lowest’.
‘That’s right! The actual federal income tax paid by corporations is one of the lowest in the world’.
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Here’s Drum’s orginal article and a good one too! :


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