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Why Romney won’t win – either race

There are two ‘races’ in the Republican Presidential field.

One is the ‘race’ to the nomination. The other will be the ‘race’ in the General Election.

This is why Former Governor Mitt Romney won’t be the Republican nomniee :

‘Nine states have voted so far, and in six of them the former Massachusetts governor has shed supporters who voted for him in 2008, winning fewer votes in each of those states than he did last time’.
From :
‘The frontrunner (Rick Santorum) for the Republican presidential nomination says that that President Barack Obama embraces a ‘phony theology’; that large-scale public education is an outdated idea, and that contraception is ‘not okay.’ And let’s not forget his statement last month that he didn’t want to ‘make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.’
From :–in-General_News-120219-882.html
Rush Limbaugh – ‘Romney is not a conservative. He’s not, folks’.
From :


Rush Limbaugh – “I think there’s a possibility of something happening nobody’s talking about — and that’s the reemergence of Newt”.
From :

Eric Erickson of Red State – ‘Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins’
From :

Romney’s very  unenthusiastic performance so far, Rick Santorum energising the Republican base and the two stalwart Conservative performers denouncing Romney.

Romney may still win Michigan and Arizona (but with very narrow wins) but on Super Tuesday the South will raise up and so may Ohio. All against Romney.

Who could have imagined that after Super Tuesday, instead of having the clear frontrunner being Mitt Romney, instead what may will be left is Santorum and Gingrich with Paul collecting enough Caucus State delegates to hold off a first ballot victory at the Convention.

What should have been a year long victory lap for the Republicans has turned into a circus.

Send in the clowns……….





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Follow the money

More and more as the Republican Presidential field proves to be too radical for the moderates that will be needed to win in the General Election this fall, the ‘Super PAC’s’ will be focusing on State and COngressional races.

The thinking being why throw good money after bad.

And good thinking that is too.

After the 2010 elections, State legislatures that had turned ‘Conservative’ are also seen as having gone too far. A ‘buyers remorse’ is going to be a very likely result in State elections in 2012.

On a National level, Congress and specificly the Hosue has seemingly almost turned on the middle class in this Nation.

Preception withstanding, voting for tax breaks for the wealthiest and NOT wanting to offset with cuts in spending and then almost insisting on cuts in spending to offset the payroll tax cuts that would benefit the middle class. Twice almost shutting down the Government over the ‘debt’ with the focus on cutting social programs while the Nation faces massive un and underemployment and the middle class having the raising need for social programs.

The Conservatives in Congress have abruptly changed their public stance but how much damage has already been done?

So look for the money to move away from the Presidential race and towards the State and Congressional races attmempting to avert the trending towards returning Democrats back in ‘charge’.  


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