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A Republican World – ‘Ted Cruz, Who Said Uninsured Should Just Get Health Care From ERs, Backs Group That Wants ERs To Turn Away Uninsured People’

ted cruz4

  • ‘When he was running for office two years ago, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas insisted that rather than expanding Medicaid, Texas should just let the uninsured get all their health care from emergency rooms’.

‘The argument that emergency rooms are an acceptable backup for the uninsured has also been used by Mitt Romney, Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint and many other prominent Republicans’.

‘Now, the Madison Project, a Tea Party group that has earned the high-profile backing of Sen. Cruz in its effort to defeat three sitting GOP senators in primaries this year, is also advocating for allowing emergency rooms to turn away anybody not deemed to need immediate emergency care’.

‘In a blog post on the group’s website yesterday, Madison Project policy director Daniel Horowitz writes of taking his son to the emergency room’ :

“Thank God our son recovered and there was no internal bleeding, but in a different situation that extra time could have been critical”.

“Also, if you ever wonder why you get hosed with outrageous bills simply for stepping foot in a hospital, look no farther than the “undocumented” costs of illegal aliens”.

“The problems with illegal immigrants and emergency hospital care also provide us with an opportunity to examine true free market healthcare reform”.

“Any GOP healthcare proposal must be predicated not on “replacing” Obamacare, but on fixing even some of the anti-market federal policies that existed before passage of the monstrosity”.

“One of those policies is the mandate on hospitals to treat everyone who comes to an ER – including illegal immigrants – irrespective of whether they are suffering from a real emergency”.

“In 1986, Congress passed The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Recon­ciliation Act (COBRA), which was ostensibly the first act in universal healthcare mandates”.

“If we ever plan to curb skyrocketing hospital costs and improve access to emergency care, we must address this massive unfunded federal mandate of EMTALA”.
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Stories From The Fringe – ‘Former Staffer Starts Inevitable ‘Draft Ted Cruz For President’ Group’

ted cruz

The great thing about having Crazy Cruz run is it will either force the rest of the clowns to go further right to prove they are ‘real Americans’ or have them come out and say ‘Cruz is Crazy’.

The only down side is when Ted stands next to Rand Paul, it makes Paul look normal.

‘A staffer for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leaving the Texas senator’s office to form the Draft Ted Cruz for President group’.

‘The staffer, Raz Shafer, announced his departure from Cruz’s office where he had been regional director, in a blog post on titled “It’s Time to Draft Ted Cruz for President.”

“I’m convinced that if we want to win the White House in 2016, we must nominate a consistent, full-spectrum conservative. We need a candidate who stands for something and won’t back down when the liberals launch their attacks,” Shafer wrote’.
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Hillary 2016 – ‘Clinton only Dem with edge on GOP’

hillary 2016

Yesterday I caught part of Ed Schultz telling us all how Biden had to get in the race now.

I think it will be great for the Democratic party and Liberals in general to see Hillary along with Biden, Warren, Duval, Brooker, Mallory hell even Jerry Brown on state debating.

Compare the public perception for THAT group of debaters to Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Huckabee, Scarbourgh, Cruz and even Christie.

‘PPP’s regular look at the 2016 Presidential race really shows how important it is for the party that Hillary Clinton run in 2016′.

‘She leads Mike Huckabee 49/42 in a hypothetical contest’.

  • ‘By contrast Joe Biden would trail Huckabee 46/41 in a hypothetical match, and Elizabeth Warren would trail 44/33. This is one of the most massive electability gaps we’ve ever seen’.

‘Clinton also leads the rest of the Republican field in potential contests, although some of the match ups are pretty close’.

‘Jeb Bush is the strongest GOP hopeful, trailing by only 3 points at 47/44′

‘And Chris Christie isn’t far behind with a 4 point deficit at 46/42′.

Clinton leads Rand Paul and Paul Ryan each by 5 points at 47/42 and 48/43 respectively’,

‘Marco Rubio by 8 points at 48/40′,

‘And Ted Cruz by 11 points at 51/40′.

‘There’s been a lot of Mitt Romney nostalgia of late but we find little evidence his image has improved since losing the 2012 contest to Barack Obama. Romney has a 38/48 favorability rating and trails Clinton 48/43 in a hypothetical contest, slightly worse than his margin of defeat against Obama’.

  • ‘Romney’s net favorability is worse than every potential 2016 GOP contender we looked at on this poll except for Ted Cruz’.

‘For the second time in a row Mike Huckabee leads the national Republican field for 2016.

‘Huckabee’s at 18% to 15% for Jeb Bush’,

’14% each for Chris Christie and Rand Paul’,

’11% for Ted Cruz’,

6% for Marco Rubio’,

5% for Paul Ryan and Scott Walker’,

‘And 4% for Bobby Jindal’.

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Stories From The Republican Fringe – ‘Rafael Cruz blames California drought on UN Agenda 21, ‘Mother Earth worship’

ted and raffell cruz


ted cruz

‘A little-known United Nations sustainable development plan is behind California’s worst drought in a century, according to conservative pastor Rafael Cruz’.

“There is more than one way to confiscate private property,” the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said last Saturday in Longview, Texas. “Have any of you heard of Agenda 21? Agenda 21 is all about confiscation of private property. It’s all about the worship of Mother Earth. You know, in California they are trying to tear down all the dams to let the rivers flow freely. They’ve created a drought in southern California to save a little fish, a little minnow.”

‘Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan developed by the United Nations to promote “sustainable human settlement development.”
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A Republican World – The ‘ We Need To Rewrite History To Make Obama Look Bad’ Edition – ‘Bush’s Defense Secretary Destroys GOP Talking Points Against Obama’s Handling Of Crimea’

obama weak

‘On ABC’s This Week, Ted Cruz (R-TX) reiterated the claim that Obama’s foreign policy gave Putin the green light to invade Crimea’:

“A critical reason for Putin’s aggression has been President Obama’s weakness. That Putin fears no retribution. Their policy has been to alienate and abandon our friends and coddle and appease our enemies. You better believe that Putin sees in Benghazi, four Americans are murdered and nothing happens, no retribution. You better believe that Putin sees that in Syria, Obama draws a red line and ignores it”.

‘Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates pushed back on Sunday against conservatives who’ve blamed President Obama’s “weak” foreign policy for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Crimea’.

“My own view is, after all, Putin invaded Georgia when George W. Bush was president. Nobody ever accused George W. Bush of being weak or unwilling to use military force,” Gates, who served as Defense Secretary for Presidents George W. Bush and Obama said. “So I think Putin is very opportunistic in these arenas. I think that even if — even if we had launched attacks in Syria, even if we weren’t cutting our defense budget — I think Putin saw an opportunity here in Crimea, and he has seized it.” Earlier this week, Gates told the Washington Post that the GOP lawmakers should “tone down” their criticism and “try to be supportive of the president rather than natter at the president.”
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A Republican World – Ted Cruz 2016 – The ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Ted Cruz Lies’ Edition – Ted Cruz Loses His Mind By Claiming Obamacare Can Be Repealed While Obama is President’

ted cruz

‘On ABC’s This Week, Sen. Ted Cruz told a lie that was so dense only a Republican could believe it. Cruz claimed that Republicans can repeal Obamacare while Obama is president’.


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A Republican World – Republicans 2016 – ‘GOP In Disarray As ‘Uncle Sugar’ Mike Huckabee Jumps To The Front Of The 2016 Line’

republicans 2016 bible vs const

I really, really want The Huck to be the Republican nominee in 2016.

The Bible vs the Constitution.

‘PPP released a poll on Thursday showing that former Arkansas Governor and current Fox News TV show host Mike Huckabee has jumped to the front of a crowded field of 2016 Republican Presidential candidates. The poll was conducted in Iowa, a key early-primary state. Apparently, Iowa Republicans are so confused about who to support that they are starting to think a far-right huckster like Mike ‘Uncle Sugar’ Huckabee sounds like a good choice’.

‘In the poll, Huckabee received support from 17% of the voters’.

‘After Huckabee, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was second at 14%’.

‘Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush placed third with 13%’.

‘The other two candidates with doubt-digit support, Christie and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, each received 10%’.

‘Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal were all in high single-digits’.

‘Florida Senator Marco Rubio only received 3% of the vote’.
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‘Sarah Palin Gets Dose Of Reality As Hillary Clinton Leads By 27 Points In 2016 Matchup’

hillary vs. palin

Come on Sarah Half Term Governor Palin – Run for the Republican nomination for President for 2016.


On the up side, even Warren could beat Palin.

‘A poll released by McClatchy-Marist on Wednesday shows that former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a commanding lead over pretty much every GOP candidate for the 2016 Presidential election’.

‘When heads up with any one of the potential candidates the GOP may run out, Clinton holds anywhere from an 8 to 21 point lead’.

‘The poll also reiterates what we’ve known for some time now–Chris Christie’s national aspirations are over’.

  • Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is the one candidate who was able to fare best against Clinton. The poll showed Clinton ahead of Ryan 52-44′.
  • ‘The poll found one other person that would get within 10 points of Clinton, but we already know that he isn’t running. 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney trailed Clinton by 9 points in this poll’.

‘However, against any truly possible contenders, Clinton just plain dominated’.

  • ‘Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie trailed Clinton by 21 points’.
  • ‘Tea Party candidates didn’t fare much better than Christie against Clinton. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) also saw himself way behind, as Clinton led against him 58-38′.
  • ‘Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) did slightly better, ‘only’ trailing Clinton by 17 points”.
  • (Note – ‘he completely lost the independents, as Clinton was ahead with them 55-37′.)

‘It also seemed like the poll wanted to have a little fun and see what a hypothetical matchup between former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Clinton’.


  • ‘As one would expect, Clinton crushed Palin 62-35′.
  • (Note – ‘Independents were completely turned off by Palin, as Clinton held a 41-point lead over the Tea Party darling’.)

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But it’s NOT Republican obstructionism – ‘Ted Cruz Threatens To Filibuster Clean Debt Limit Hike’

ted cruz1

‘Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will push a 60-vote threshold, meaning he’s threatening to filibuster, on a clean debt ceiling increase extension’.

‘Cruz’s office confirmed the Texas senator’s plans to TPM on Tuesday afternoon’.

‘Cruz’s move means lawmakers will need to rally 60 votes in the chamber to pass the bill, and Democrats only control 55 votes’.
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The Rock-Paper-Scissors of Republican 2016 Presidential Hopefuls – ‘Poll: Huckabee Is Now The GOP’s Top Choice For 2016 After Libido Remark’


If I had to pick right now, it would be Rand Paul and he picks Martinez of New Mexico as his VP.

rock paper12

rock paper

A month and a half ago , Chris Christie was the ‘Rock’.
He ‘slapped’ teabaggers for  hiring a Muslim.
He actually thanked President Obama for coming to New Jersey after the Sandy Hurricane.
And another ‘slap’ to the face of teabaggers, his ‘take down’ of Rand ‘Cut & Paste’ Paul for the Senators comments on New Jersey being a welfare State when the opposite is actually the fact.
Now even, as I suspect, Christie didn’t directly tell or even suggest the closure, just not knowing and the mounting influence peddling has made Chris Christie finished in Republican Presidential politics.
He would have struggled badly in the South and Central State primaries anyway.

rock paper1

Now with Mike ‘The Bible Is The Only Book You Need’ Huckabee’s comments on women’s libidos, he has risen to the top in Republican polling.
Question – Is 2016 already turning into the ‘flavor of the Month for Republicans?
Remember in 2011 while Mitt ‘I Can Lie Faster Then You Can Fact Check’ Romney wallowed in the polls at 24%, every month we had a ‘new’ leader. Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Trump, Cain, Gingrich.
So is Mikey an actual ‘leader’ or is it a case of he just tossed the ‘base’ – teabaggers – enough red meat and so ‘Mikey Will Do It’ is the latest craze?
The good news for Mikey is that with Christie out, there is anyone sane to take his place.
And Mike “The Bible Is The Only Book You Need’ Huckabee has spent the last 4 years honing the Aw Shucks, kinder, gentler GOP’er.
Huckabee would have few problems in any region in the primaries.

rock paper2

Then you have Rand ‘Cut & Paste’ Paul. Now this does not bother the Republican teabagger base. # 1 they don’t know what  plagiarism is and # 2, it’s just a liberal media lie anyway.
(**On a side note. If Rand Paul was to pick Paul Ryan to be his running mate, the bumper stickers would read ‘Paul/Ryan 2016′. They could just use their first names ‘Rand/Paul 2016′.
An omen?)
Rand Paul’ problem, well his biggest problem, is that he’s great and sound bites but falls flat on his face when questioned.
Now we already know the press won’t question him.
So will enough questions arise via debates to knock him out of the top billing?
His other major problem is he needs someone crazy standing on the same stage so that it makes him look normal.
Put Paul the Rand one next to Huckabee and Rand looks looney tunes. But stand him next to Ted Cruz and you’ll beg Rand to save us from Crazy Cruz.
So if there is no Christie or Huckabee opposition, then Rand can and will have little problem is the primaries.

rock paper3

Ted ‘I Didn’t Shut Down The Government’ Cruz.
Yes you did and aside form the teabagger base, no one will vote for you.

rock paper4

Scott ‘Hold On While I Take A 10 Minute Phone Call From A Fake Koch Brother During A Financial Crisis In My State’ Walker.
Shine a spot light on Scott Walker and it will make Chris Christie look like a boy scout. On the State level he’s fine but Nationally?

rock paper5

Paul Ryan. Aynn Rand. Didn’t we just do the Ryan Rand thing?
Paul Ryan is a liar. He lies about his personal life and he’s lying about his various budgets.
Again he will excite the teabagger base but once you start questioning him, it all falls apart.
But he would sail through the primaries.

So we have Christie, Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.

there will be a few others jumping in when they see the field.

rock paper6

Jeb Bush?
No real signs of him building a run. The ‘Bush’ machine is more or less useless as it hasn’t added any ‘new’ blood and is polar opposite of the teabaggers.

rock paper7

Newt? Yeah no.

rock paper8

Palin? Not enough money in it for her. Not enough intelligence in it for the rest of us.

rock paper9

Rick Santorum? Huckabee cancels him out.

rock paper10

rock paper11

Ben Carson? Allen West?
Rand Paul needs these people to run.


Wait. I didn’t mention Marco Rubio.
You’re right. I didn’t.
He is the little kid in Republican politics.

So unless someone in the Republican circles decides to go National, Hillary can pretty much just stand and deliver speeches on actual legislation while the crazies that the Republicans have turned their party over to yell, scream and froth at the mouth but offer no solutions.

Two years of hate, fear and loathing as policies form the Republicans.

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