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Republicans 2016 – ‘Sen. Ted Cruz To Join Anti-Gay Activists In Honoring His Father’

ted cruz

Aside from Ted Crus’s mouth, his biggest problem is his Dad.

Both need to shut up but if Cruz, well if Rand Paul wants to look sane, he, Paul needs Cruz to be ‘in the race’ so that Paul looks sane.

Things like this might rally the increasingly diminishing ‘base’ but are also turning off the moderates which Republicans will need if they hope to hold the House and Senate in 2016.

ted and raffell cruz

‘Next month, Rick Scarborough’s Vision America will host its annual “Heroes of Faith Gala” where the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins will receive the 2014 “National Hero of Faith Award” and Rafael Cruz, a Religious Right activist and father of Sen. Ted Cruz, will be honored with the “Don Wildmon Award,” named for the founder of the American Family Association’.

‘Today, Vision America sent out an email urging activists to register for the event, revealing that the senator is also going to be in attendance, picking up the Don Wildmon Award on behalf of his father and delivering remarks':

cruz insert

‘As we have noted before, Ted Cruz has great admiration for Scarborough despite Scarborough’s long history of rabidly anti-gay bigotry’.

‘Just last month, Scarborough said that God would be entirely justified for destroying America with a nuclear bomb because of the nation’s tolerance and embrace of gay rights':

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One Man’s Trash….. – ‘While Eating a Pork Chop In Iowa, Sen. Ted Cruz Tells Obama To Stop Golfing And Do His Job’

ted cruz25

ted cruz22

‘Irony challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) told President Obama to stop golfing and do his job while he, Ted Cruz was enjoying his roughly 108th day of vacation this year at the Iowa State Fair………..’

VOTE REPUBLICAN SO WE CAN HAVE AN AMERICA WHERE WE HATE EVERYONE WHO’S DIFFERENT THEN US – ‘Ted Cruz And Rick Santorum To Join Iowa Pastor Who Predicted Marriage Equality Would Increase The Murder Rate, Destroy America’

ted cruz10

ted cruz

‘Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum are slated to appear at a September “American Heritage Summit” in Washington, D.C., hosted by a right-wing Iowa pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach’.

ted cruz14

‘Gordon even predicted that gay marriage would increase the murder rate: “The natural problem that causes is an overt immorality. The crime rates go up, people suffer, people are stealing and murdering and [doing] all the things morality tells you not to do.”

‘Gordon became heavily involved in politics during the 2010 campaign to remove Iowa Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality, and he endorsed Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign, helping the former Pennsylvania senator to win the Iowa caucuses’.


‘At an anti-gay marriage rally in 2011, Gordon described marriage equality as a demonic attempt that would bring about America’s destruction, warning that Iowans must “protect the virtue of true Americanism from our own mental barbarians who attack our minds with the God-hating secularism of Europe” or risk being “extinguished from the earth.”
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VOTE REPUBLICAN TO HAVE THIS AMERICA!! – ‘Ted Cruz Addresses Rally Organized By Doctor Who Says Gays Recruit Children’

marriage inequality

ted cruz21


This is the America We Want!!

America!! The Land Of Homophobic Bigots!!

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz Cruz spoke at an anti-gay marriage rally on Thursday hosted by Steven Hotze, a controversial doctor who has told women that birth control would make them unappealing to men and has warned that equality for gays would be a stepping stone to child molestation.
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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Ted Cruz Helps Republicans Self Destruct While Getting Caught In a Huge Lie About Obama’

ted cruz10

ted cruz11

‘After President Obama announced that we negotiated for America’s “only prisoner of war”, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, to be safely returned to us, Republicans freaked out like they do every time Obama is successful at something. Don’t remind them that he got Osama, that sends them into severe shriek mode’.

Ted Cruz was so bothered that he puffed, “Ambassador Rice basically said to you, ‘Yes, U.S. policy has changed. Now we make deals with terrorists.’”

‘The Republican Senator later clarified :

“The reason why the U.S. has had the policy for decades of not negotiating with terrorists is because once you start doing it, every other terrorist has an incentive to capture more soldiers.”



  • ‘PolitiFact pointed out that many previous Presidents have negotiated with terrorists under Cruz’ definition, and furthermore, former President Bush negotiated with his self-dubbed “Axis of Evil” Iran and North Korea':
  • “After the North Koreans captured the U.S.S. Pueblo in 1968, President Lyndon Johnson apologized for spying as part of negotiations to secure the release of 83 American prisoners”.
  • “In 1970, President Richard Nixon pressured Israel, Switzerland, West Germany and Britain to release Palestinian prisoners after two airlines were hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine”.
  • “During the Iran hostage crisis of 1979 to 1981, President Jimmy Carter agreed to unfreeze $8 billion in frozen Iranian assets after more than a year of negotiations with the Iranian revolutionaries”.
  • “In perhaps the most famous swap, after seven Americans were captured in Beirut, Lebanon, President Ronald Reagan agreed to send missiles to Iran in what became known as the Iran-Contra scandal”.
  • “President Bill Clinton’s administration sat down with Hamas in attempts to negotiate peace with Israel. His administration also worked directly with the Taliban nearly two decades ago on several occasions to see if the group would hand over Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders”.
  • “Reiss also noted that President George W. Bush engaged in negotiations with Iran and North Korea even after decreeing them part of the “Axis of Evil.”

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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Ted Cruz Claims Citizens United Repeal Would ‘Muzzle’ Pastors’

ted cruz9

Ted Cruz :

“The Senate Democrats are going to be voting on a constitutional amendment to repeal the First Amendment.”
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The First Amendment :

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

So if we limit the amount of money that people can ‘donate’ to political campaigns or have them be disclosed so we know who is giving and how much they are giving……then, in Ted Cruz’s mind…

* Prevent us from practicing our chosen religion.

* Stop us from speaking freely.

* Stop newspapers, reporters, news shows.

* Stop us from assemble.

* Stop us from petitioning our Government.

Having the wealth and corporations limited and being told how much they give to political organizations and campaigns is going to stop all that.

And in the real World……

‘Senate Democrats Want To Change The Constitution To Stop ‘Dark Money’

‘Senate Democrats plan to bring a constitutional amendment to the Senate floor this year that would undo recent rulings on campaign finance made by the Supreme Court’.

‘The decisions — including 2010’s Citizens United case and the recent McCutcheon v. FEC — have eliminated limits on millions of dollars’ worth of donations to political campaigns from corporations, labor unions, and generally wealthy individuals’.

‘The amendment, which is being sponsored by New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall, would give back authority to Congress and state governments in regulating campaign spending’.

‘The amendment is supported by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who announced the legislation at a Senate Rules Committee hearing Wednesday. Schumer said there would be a vote on the amendment by the end of the year’.

“The Supreme Court is trying to take this country back to the days of the robber barons, allowing dark money to flood our elections,” Schumer said’.

“That needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. The only way to undo the damage the court has done is to pass Senator Udall’s amendment to the Constitution, and Senate Democrats are going to try to do that. Before the year is out, we’re going to bring it up on the Senate floor for a vote, where we hope Republicans will join us in ensuring the wealthy can’t drown out middle-class voices in our democracy.”

‘The 2010 Citizens United ruling removed restrictions on corporations and unions from spending limits on political campaigns, which led to the advent of so-called Super PACs’.

‘The recent McCutcheon decision struck down caps that individuals can make to candidates or political parties during a two-year election cycle’.
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Stories From The teabagger Fringe Freaks – ‘Operation American Spring promises to drive Obama from office this Friday’

american spring

Only two more days until the ‘real Americans – teabaggers – drag a legally elected President – President Obama – out of the White House and put – wait for it – Allen West or Ted Cruz in charge.

ted cruz

On a serious note, I hope these nut bags make all kinds of noise because the more noise they make – the more normal people see them for what they are – crazy.

american spring1

‘The activists say they expect 10 million to 30 million like-minded Americans to join them Friday in the nation’s capital (ROTFFLMAO!!) for a rally patterned after Occupy Wall Street and “Arab Spring” protests’.

‘They also plan a sister event the same day in Bunkerville, Nevada, where militia groups have gathered to support scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy in his dispute with the federal government’.

“Every political persuasion, rich, poor, every color, all ages, men, women, liberal, conservative, independent, unemployed, et al, are now mobilizing to participate in this peaceful, non-violent, cause in the search for constitutional restoration for America,” Riley said. “We have well over 1 million militia members mobilizing; bikers, truckers, hunters, Tea Party groups — citizens across America. No, I don’t think 10 million (participants) is high at all.”

‘Or, as a blogger speculated at Before It’s News, the whole operation could be a false flag planted by the Obama administration to launch a civil war’.

‘Self-styled revolutionary patriots plan to converge on Washington, D.C., this week to drive President Barack Obama and disloyal lawmakers out of office’.

“We are calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration,” said retired Army Col. Harry Riley, leader of the Operation American Spring protest group. “They have all abandoned the US Constitution, are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.”

‘Operation American Spring aims to pressure those lawmakers who remain – or are replaced by officials of their own choosing – “to sponsor and pass very Constitutionally crafted State legislation to dissolve the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. Government by 2/3rds.”

‘Organizers also anticipate “incremental nullification” by state legislatures of “all withholding taxes, employment taxes, employer taxes, and income taxes.”

“This will effectively DOUBLE the size of ALL American Middle Class family weekly paychecks and cause our local city and town economies to boom,” the group promises on its Facebook page’.

“Course it’ll also take away your Social Security, Medicare, roads, schools, police departments, fire departments, food inspection, drug inspections………”

american spring2

‘Operation American Spring spokesman Terry Trussell told the “Patriot Nation” radio program that he feared Obama would order drone strikes on protesters, and host Mark Hoffman suggested participants bring emergency supplies and make other preparations in case of violence’.
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A Republican World – The “Here’s How We Republicans Need To Hate Anyone Different Then Us’ Edition – ‘Ted Cruz Champions Nuremberg-Style Laws for Gays and Lesbians’

ted cruz

Ted Cruz :

” I don’t think the law should be forcing Americans to violate their religious faith”.

Article 6 Section 3 of the United States Constitution :

but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States”.

Ted Cruz wants there to be religious tests in how and why we interact in our society.

Ted Cruz and the teabaggers don’t seem to understand that we are a society.

In our society, you can have any religious belief you want – BUT you will obey the laws – which the Founding Fathers in their wisdon – made very clear would NOT be based on any religious beliefs.

Don’t like it?

Move to Iran where the laws ARE based on religious beliefs.

‘On Friday, President Robert B. Sloan Jr., of Houston Baptist University, said gays and lesbians were like arsonists or alcoholics’.

‘Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who appeared with Sloan at “Faith in the Public Square,” and always in lockstep with religious extremists, asserted that Christians should not have to do business with gay people’.

Ted Cruz :

“Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others, and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the best understanding you can come to it”.

“I’m very much a believer that the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner, and so, you know, from my perspective I am perfectly willing to interact with anybody. Look, I work in the U.S. Congress. But at the same time, I don’t think the law should be forcing Americans to violate their religious faith”.
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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Ted CRUZ Re: Apartheid: “And The World United Against South Africa…” (Umm…except Reagan and the GOP)’

ted cruz7

‘Ted Cruz gets his underwear in a twist over Kerry’s remarks equating Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to South African Apartheid’.

Ted Cruz :

The oppressive regime in South Africa, where black South Africans were treated as second class citizens, were systematically discriminated against. And the world united against South Africa! We saw the heroic battle of Nelson Mandela against the injustice and evil that was apartheid.”

‘Uh…well, not the ENTIRE world, Mr. Turniphead’.

  • ‘The Reagan State Department added Mandela’s party to it’s TERRORIST list’,
  • ‘And Republicans filibustered the Democratic Party’s Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid (sanctions) Act in the Senate in 1985′.
  • ‘When the House and Senate managed to pass a watered down version of the Anti-Apartheid bill in 1986, that the GOP Senators wouldn’t filibuster, REAGAN VETOED IT’.

‘So, Congress had to go back and OVERRIDE Reagan’s VETO’.

‘So, apparently your comment about ‘the whole world’ uniting against South African apartheid was a little…revisionist’?
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A Republican World – ‘Ted Cruz, Who Said Uninsured Should Just Get Health Care From ERs, Backs Group That Wants ERs To Turn Away Uninsured People’

ted cruz4

  • ‘When he was running for office two years ago, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas insisted that rather than expanding Medicaid, Texas should just let the uninsured get all their health care from emergency rooms’.

‘The argument that emergency rooms are an acceptable backup for the uninsured has also been used by Mitt Romney, Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint and many other prominent Republicans’.

‘Now, the Madison Project, a Tea Party group that has earned the high-profile backing of Sen. Cruz in its effort to defeat three sitting GOP senators in primaries this year, is also advocating for allowing emergency rooms to turn away anybody not deemed to need immediate emergency care’.

‘In a blog post on the group’s website yesterday, Madison Project policy director Daniel Horowitz writes of taking his son to the emergency room’ :

“Thank God our son recovered and there was no internal bleeding, but in a different situation that extra time could have been critical”.

“Also, if you ever wonder why you get hosed with outrageous bills simply for stepping foot in a hospital, look no farther than the “undocumented” costs of illegal aliens”.

“The problems with illegal immigrants and emergency hospital care also provide us with an opportunity to examine true free market healthcare reform”.

“Any GOP healthcare proposal must be predicated not on “replacing” Obamacare, but on fixing even some of the anti-market federal policies that existed before passage of the monstrosity”.

“One of those policies is the mandate on hospitals to treat everyone who comes to an ER – including illegal immigrants – irrespective of whether they are suffering from a real emergency”.

“In 1986, Congress passed The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Recon­ciliation Act (COBRA), which was ostensibly the first act in universal healthcare mandates”.

“If we ever plan to curb skyrocketing hospital costs and improve access to emergency care, we must address this massive unfunded federal mandate of EMTALA”.
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